Cast Iron Bollards

Cast Iron bollards are a commonly used product throughout UK city centres and here at YPL Street Furniture, we supply a number of options to suit all requirements. One of the reasons for the products popularity, is that these bollards can have a classic look which fits in with the Victorian and older quarters as well as new styles that suit more modern surroundings. The unique designs of cast iron bollards demonstrate this superbly, however we do offer bespoke designs to ensure we will always have a product to match your needs. Commonly used to prohibit vehicle entry to pedestrian areas along a number of other uses. Another benefit of Cast iron is its incredible durability as when painted the bollard can last over a hundred years. It is also a green option for council and businesses as Cast iron is a fully recyclable material. These selling points combined with the strength of Cast Iron is known for make these bollards ideal for your project.

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