Telescopic & Removable Bollards

Telescopic bollards and removable bollards are used in a whole manner of different traffic control situations. From car parks to industrial estates, they both offer flexibility enabling traffic zones to be available as and when required.

The removable bollards are best sold with 2 sockets so when the bollard is removed from one socket it has a home socket to be placed in. They are very popular in town centres where traffic zones can be decided on different days or weekends.

The telescopic bollard offers the same flexibility but not needing a home socket to go to as it simply is removed from location by unlocking and pushing into the ground.

Both removable bollards and telescopic bollards can be locked in situ the removable version has a padlock and the telescopic bollard uses a plunger lock. We offer both with keyed alike option which is often preferred in some cases rather than having a large bunch of keys.