Cycle Stands

Cycle stands are an increasingly popular product of ours with everyone from city councils, businesses and even private households using these as an easy, stylish and tidy way of storing bikes. Cycle Stands can be used in large outside areas creating a very pedestrianised feel or easily fit into tight spaces to make the most of any spare room you may have. Since the Tour de France came to the UK last summer there has been a huge increase in the number of people taking part in cycling whether this be casually such as to and from work or competitively. This new high demand has helped to make this one of the most popular products we offer.

The stainless steel options include a root fixed cycle stand which can be easily inserted into the ground, these can also have a tapping rail for extra support. A surface mounted item which is provided with base plates that can be drilled into the ground. These are also provided with a satin polished finish on the items, this gives them both a smart and modern look whilst also not showing up any scratches and marks they may pick up as easily as other polished finishes do.

We also have available a galvanised steel option, these are a more cost effective product and can again be provided in both a root fixed and surface mounted, we can also attach a tapping rail depending on your needs. These items can also be provided in a number of different coatings and high quality finishes, we also offer a guaranteed next day delivery on our entire galvanised cycle stand range. Just give us a call and let us know what you need, we will take care of the rest.