Steel Galvanised Cycle Stands

We have a large range of Galvanised Cycle Stands available at YPL Street Furniture.

A Cycle Stand is a structure that is used for the parking of bicycles and is often used in public places to ensure security. Cycle stands can also be designed to hold multi bicycles also known as cycle racks.

We hot dip galvanise the steel to increase durability and strength of the Cycle Stand. This is the process of coating Steel with a layer of Zinc by immersing the Steel into a bath of molten Zinc at a temperature around 840 degrees. This is a relatively simple process that helps to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel increasing the cycle stands lifespan in particularly corrosive environments hence its popularity.

Our Galvanised Cycle Stands are available in various styles including,the popular Sheffield Cycle Stand, Toast Rack Cycle Stand, Harrogate Cycle Stand, Tapping Rail Cycle Stand, York Cycle Stand as well as many more styles to meet your individual requirements.

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