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YPL Working with councils (Added 15/11/17 )

Local councils will always need a steady supply of street furniture, whether it is due to new estates and projects or car accidents and vandalism. We at Yorkshire street furniture know the importance of working with councils and as such have a great relationship with Leeds city council.

We have supplied them stainless bollards, cycle stands and also worked together to create a custom Leeds bollard. This was a fantastic journey for us to be able to pool our expertise and work through a design. Talking through the materials, cost and environmental concerns, to see the finished product sitting proud in our local city is extremely satisfying.

To meet this regular demand we carry large stock levels to ensure quick deliveries. Our in-house manufacturing team also give us total quality control and the ability to meet tight deadlines. This means bollards, cycle stands, pedestrian guard rails and other safety barriers are readily available. We also produce among other things signs, shelters and salt bins. Contact us to see how we can fulfil your requirements.