Pedestrian Guard Rails & Barriers

Pedestrian guardrails are an extremely important part of pedestrian safety in towns and cities. Usually placed in hazardous areas with a heavy flow of traffic generally in the vicinity of schools, shopping centres, universities and colleges. All our pedestrian guard rails are supplied in a galvanised finish but if more colour is required an additional coloured protective coating can be applied, a wide range of powder coated and wet paint finishes can be chosen from. A varied range of guard rails are offered which include rails with sight gaps for increased visibility, staggered and patterned infill for differing visibility requirements, self-raking and custom made railings which may include curved and pre raked. The range of guard rails available mean we can cater for any site whether it be a design and build job, regular council/public sector contracts, newly specified work and simply to replace or repair existing guard railing. Standard products are carried in stock to ensure we can respond rapidly to customer requirements offering a fast track nationwide delivery service. Every pedestrian guard rail is manufactured in the UK to British standards.