Steel Seating

At YPL Street Furniture, we have a wide variety of Steel Benches and Seats to suit all your needs. Seats and benches from our steel range are robust and long lasting, and are the perfect solution to areas with high vandalism and can be used in a wide variety of environments including city centres, parkland, and much more.

Steel is a strong metal that is usually composed of iron and carbon. The carbon content can be anything from 0.08% to 2.0%. Steel is known for its strong qualities making it the perfect component to manufacture a wide range of bench and seating solutions from. The steel is often coated in a zinc primer or galvanised to increase the steel’s lifespan and give a more attractive finish to the seating solution. All of our steel seating options are also available in one of our RAL colours allowing you to customise your steel seat or bench to meet your individual requirements.