Timber Seating

Timber is the traditional material used when crafting a seat or bench. Timber has been consistently used for many years due to its attractive appearance. Timber seating and benches are often found in areas of natural beauty to compliment the surround landscape including, woodland paths and walkways, parkland and much more. Timber seating offers a sturdy attractive seating solution that is pleasing to the eye and is easily crafted to meet all your individual seat and bench needs.

Timber seating and bench solutions need regular maintenance to ensure a long lifespan, but often blend into their surrounding much quicker than other seating solutions available. Timber seating solutions can be composed of a variation of timber depending on the design including Iroko, Cedar, Softwood, Oak and Opepe. The timber seating solutions are commonly stained in Teak for an attractive finish although other custom shades are available to meet all your individual needs.