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Bollards: The benefits of Stainless Steel (Added 15/11/17 )

When choosing a bollard material there are many factors to weigh up including, visual appearance, cost, life span and environment concerns. At Yorkshire street furniture we regularly help with these decisions and in this post we make the case for selecting stainless steel.

You may not be aware that Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. The main alloys used in the manufacture of stainless are nickel, chromium and molybdenum. These materials are both valuable and easily recoverable, ensuring that the process is cost effective as well as environmentally friendly. In fact a decade ago 60% of any stainless steel product produced was made using recycled material.

The fact that this figure will have fallen since then is great news for our customers. The life span of stainless products can be over three decades, meaning there is not enough old stainless steel to maintain a figure of 60%, it just lasts too long. This is a key factor when weighing up the increased cost of stainless steel compared to other materials like for example galvanised steel. How many of those will have to be repaired or replaced in the lifetime of a stainless steel product.

The visual appearance of stainless steel is unrivalled. Available in a sleek satin finish or a highly reflective bright finish. They are both clearly visible and attractive making them highly popular in all environments. They can be supplied in a 304 grade and 316 marine grade for coastal locations. All our bollards are available off the shelf and fully customisable. Let us know how we can help you here.