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Does your business have enough cycle stands? (Added 15/11/17 )

Yorkshire street furniture is pleased to see cycling has continued its incredible rise, with more than 2 million of the UK population now riding at least once a week. We can all argue about how the growth began either through the success of Team GB at the Olympics or Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France to increased awareness of the health benefits and safer roads. What does need to be discussed is how this can be nurtured to ensure these record numbers can be maintained and improved upon.

One way businesses can encourage this healthy lifestyle is to provide secure and dry storage for bikes while employees are at work. Our range of cycle stand is comprehensive and available in a variety of styles, materials and fixings. We guarantee to have a stand that suits your requirements.

We also offer cycle shelters to ensure any number of bikes can be securely stored away from the elements. Hopefully increased parking options will encourage even greater numbers to take up cycling benefiting both their own health and the environment. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.